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Make a Pension Contribution to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Make a Pension Contribution to Reduce Your Tax Bill
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The UK government has some arguably draconian tax rules for people who earn over £100,000pa. For every £2 pounds of earnings over £100,000 the amount of personal allowance is reduced by £1.

So, for example Jane who earns £110,000 has their 2019/20 personal allowance reduced by £5,000 (£10,000/£2 = £5,000). This has the effect of reducing the personal allowance from £12,500 to £7,500. As the person is already a higher rate taxpayer paying 40% tax on these earning this personal allowance reduction amounts to a 60% tax charge.

There is a way to reduce your tax bill. By making a pension contribution.

With the example of Jane if she wrote a cheque for £8,000 to her pension, the pension company would then gross this up to £10,000 by claiming £2,000 tax relief from HMRC. This has the effect of reducing Jane’s annual net income by £10,000 to £100,000. If Jane did this, it would restore her full personal allowance of £12,500. This is in effect a £4,000 tax saving. She pays 20% less tax on the £10,000 she has earned over £100,000 and also gains £2,000 tax relief from HMRC to her pension fund.

And it gets better as Jane is a higher rate taxpayer, she can claim higher rate tax relief on her pension contribution. If Jane declares her £10,000 gross pension payment on her tax return, she gets a further £2,000 relief from HMRC and this is paid back by an adjustment to her tax code. So, in effect she has only had to pay out £6,000.

The added bonus is that this helps to fund Jane’s retirement. The pension payment is invested in a tax-free fund until Jane wants to draw the funds at retirement.

If you have any questions on how to start a pension please, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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