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How We Work

How we Work

We believe in working together with our clients to creating a financial plan guiding them to achieve financial freedom and live the life they want.

Our Standards of Integrity:

Placing our client’s interest first is a hallmark of professionalism. We act honestly at all times and do not place personal gain or advantage before the client’s interest.

Integrity at all times – clients are treated fairly. Companion uses best endeavours to conduct affairs in accordance with not just the letter, but also the spirit of the law. All advice given by Companion is tendered in an honest manner with full disclosure of relevant information and regard to any factors which might reflect adversely upon Companion’s integrity.

Objectivity – Companion is free of any interest which might detract from objectivity in Financial Planning, always ensuring that our interests are clearly subordinate to the best interests of our clients. Any potential conflict of interest will always be disclosed at the earliest opportunity.

Competence will continuously be maintained through a program of professional development in line with both the Institute of Financial Planning and the Chartered Insurance Institute requirements. Companion will not undertake work in areas that we are not competent.

Confidentiality – Information acquired in the course of professional work will not be disclosed except where authorised by the client unless there is a legal duty to do so. Companion will never use, nor appear to use, such information for advantage.

Courtesy – Members of Companion will conduct themselves with courtesy and consideration to all whom they come into contact in the course of professional work. The members will seek to establish and maintain helpful relationships with members of other professions or disciplines.

How we get paid: We agree a fee with our clients before we undertake any work for them. The fee is fully disclosed in writing. Fees can be paid directly by the client or via any products we advise on.